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Historic Herbs: Motherwort for High Blood Pressure

November 14, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

This is the fourth article in my historic herbs series. Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) is native to Europe and Asia. Now it grows in many places including North America. Historically, it was used for nervous and depressed people to calm the mind and boost the mood. It was also used for heart complaints. This included irregular heart beats, poor… Read More

Hormone Testing with a Naturopathic Doctor

November 7, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Hormone testing can be helpful in guiding treatment plans in some cases. It can tell you which hormones are higher than ideal, which ones are lower than ideal and which ones are normal. This can tell me which herbs, nutrients, dietary and lifestyle changes to recommend. Sometimes it’s obvious what needs to be worked on… Read More

What’s your PMS “Type”

October 24, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

If you think about it, a difficult period can cast a shadow over half of your adult life (before menopause). One half of your month may be perfectly fine. You almost forget about any period woes. Then, a week of uncomfortable premenstrual syndrome hits. Then comes another week of cramping or heavy bleeding. Some people… Read More

Massage & Fibromyalgia

October 23, 2017
Categories: Athletic Health CareNews

Fibromyalgia is defined by the Mayo Clinic as “a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues, such as anxiety.” Researchers believe that this chronic condition actually amplifies painful sensations because it affects the way a person’s brain processes pain signals. How does massage therapy help Fibromyalgia? In a… Read More

Historic Herbs: Black Cohosh for Women’s Health

October 10, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Black cohosh is also known as Cimicifuga racemosa or Actaea racemosa. It grows wild in North America – including right here in Canada. Native Americans used it throughout history and later, Europeans started using it. Historically, this herb was used for pain. It was also used for periods that were irregular, too light or late. The roots of the herb are… Read More

Sciatic Nerve Flossing for Low Back Pain

October 3, 2017
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

Nerve mobilization or “flossing” is an exercise used to tension or stretch peripheral nerves. It can be used for a variety of injuries, however today we will focus on flossing for low back and sciatic pain! The goal of nerve flossing is to improve nerve function by promoting blood flow and releasing tension on the… Read More

Improving Low Mood and Depression

September 27, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNewsTherapy

I see many patients struggling with low mood and depression. Feeling down can greatly interfere with your quality of life. Below, I talk about the different ways naturopathic medicine can help. HERBS AND SUPPLEMENTS There are many ways that herbs and supplements can improve low mood and depression. Many act similarly to depression medications but… Read More

Migraine Prevention: Electroacupuncture

September 25, 2017
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

Migraine sufferers can attest to how debilitating their headaches can be. Typical characteristics (as described in a previous blog post) include the following: Recurrent, moderate-severe headaches: – Headaches lasting up to 4-72 hours – Throbbing pain located over one side of the head – Associated symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, light or noise sensitivity and/or… Read More

Historic Herbs: Myrrh for Infections and Immunity

September 19, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

This is the second article in my Historic Herbs series. Myrrh (Latin name Commiphora myrrha) is a herb used by humans since ancient times. In the ancient world, it was revered as a perfume and used for incense and in religious ceremonies. The plant that it comes from grows in Africa and the Middle East…. Read More

Common Causes of Fatigue

September 12, 2017
Categories: News

Fatigue is one of the most common complaints I hear about. When I ask patients to rank their energy on a scale of 1 to 10 most people hover around 5 and would like to see their number go up. Fatigue could be a symptom of a huge range of causes from mild to serious…. Read More