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How to Tell if You’re Low in a Vitamin or Mineral

July 11, 2018
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Severe nutritional deficiency is not something that everybody sees all the time. The symptoms of extreme malnutrition are intense and easier to spot. Milder deficiencies are less obvious. Many of you may have these less-than-optimal levels of some vitamins and minerals. Below I list a few vitamins and minerals and some of the symptoms you… Read More

What Does “Holistic Medicine” Even Mean?

July 3, 2018
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

The word “holistic” has become more popular over the years. The use of the term skyrocketed from the late 60s on. We associate it with concepts like “all natural”, “traditional” and maybe even “spiritual”. But what does this term actually mean? Why do naturopaths and other health care providers use the word? Holistic medicine means… Read More

How Sugar Effects Your Skin

June 19, 2018
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Sugar takes a toll on your skin. It can age the skin and contribute to acne. You may have heard that the sugar-acne connection is a myth that was debunked by science. This argument is usually based on a single study. In this study, one group of people was asked to eat a chocolate bar… Read More

Summer Blues

June 12, 2018
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

The end of May marked the end of mental health awareness month. This time of year can be a difficult time for some people. Most people associate seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with winter blues. But seasonal affective disorder can apply to other seasons as well. Today I will talk about summer seasonal affective disorder or… Read More

Posture Series: Beyond Stillness

June 7, 2018
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

You probably think your mom told you to sit up straight because she just cared about your appearance, but she knows there’s more to posture than meets the eye. Posture affects more than just how you look; it improves bodily function, as well as overall mood. Unless you are recumbent though, maintaining “good” posture for… Read More

Reduce Anxiety With Journaling

May 28, 2018
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

I work with a lot of patients struggling with anxiety. In addition to herbal medicine, nutrition and acupuncture I always recommend lifestyle strategies. Building anxiety-reducing habits into your daily life is important for reducing anxiety. Taking time to write about your day in a journal is one such habit. It’s pretty well accepted in our… Read More

Gluten Free Made Easy

May 15, 2018
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Today’s post is meant to be a quick, practical guide to help you with gluten-free eating. Gluten elimination can be helpful for a variety of health conditions. Some common things I find it helpful for are chronic pain, digestive issues, skin issues, thyroid health and allergies. Perhaps you just want to experiment with your diet…. Read More

Teamwork: A Great Way to Manage Stubborn Pain

May 2, 2018
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNewsTherapy

“I’ve tried everything!” This is a statement I’ve heard many times from my patients suffering with chronic pain. If you have stubborn pain from conditions like arthritis, migraines or sciatica you’ve likely tried a lot to relieve it. Persistent pain can be frustrating. Many who suffer from chronic pain try one type of treatment at… Read More

Relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

April 5, 2018
Categories: NewsTherapy

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a relatively common condition caused by the compression of the median nerve at the wrist. Interestingly, this nerves roots begin in your neck, travelling down into the shoulders, elbow, wrist and into the hand! One of the unfortunate culprits for causing CTS is poor ergonomics and prolonged computer use. Common… Read More

My Top 5 Uses for Lavender

March 15, 2018
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Lavender is a very versatile herb. You won’t regret having this herbal remedy on hand in your natural medicine cabinet! Read on to find out why. IT PUTS YOU TO SLEEP Lavender is well known as a sleep aid. You’ve probably seen commercials about it being used in pillows to help with sleep. It’s easy… Read More