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Treating Your Headaches

February 19, 2019
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

These days so many of us live hectic lifestyles. Stress and tension can build up as we deal with our responsibilities such as, looking after kids, battling rush hour commutes and dealing with work! Before long the accumulation of our busyness can start to create upper back and neck pain, and eventually can even lead… Read More

4 Way to Use Magnesium to Soothe a Troubled Mind

February 13, 2019
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Natural remedies like magnesium are valuable resources to add to your game plan for improving your mood and calming your stress. Some foods that are good sources of magnesium are nuts and seeds, whole grains, dark leafy greens like spinach, beans and lentils. A 2015 survey done in the U.S. found that half of the… Read More

The Diet Philosophy that Changed my Life

January 17, 2019
Categories: News

Have I never written about Intuitive Eating? Well, I apologize for waiting so long to write a post about something that has been so important in my life. This one’s going to get a little personal, but there’s no harm in getting to know your ND a little better, right? Intuitive Eating has been my… Read More

Pre-Pointe Assessment & Dance Injury Management

January 4, 2019
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

Dancing, whether done en pointe, in slippers, ghillies or sneakers is a beautiful and athletic art form. Participating in Dance allows one to develop great strength not only physically but mentally, emotionally and socially. However, like any sport its participants are subject to potential injuries. A dancer’s body and the demands placed on it is… Read More

Surviving the Holidays with PMS

December 21, 2018
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Ever feel like asking Santa for a break from your PMS? The holiday rush and untreated PMS can make for a pretty mean combination. I mean, not only are you busy elbowing through crowded stores, overheating in your winter jacket and negotiating splitting time between different sides of the family – but if you’re doing… Read More

Burnout: Why it’s Absolutely Worth Treating

December 11, 2018
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Burnout is a real problem in our society. More and more research is being dedicated to studying how burnout is affecting us and what we can do about it. Burnout often involves feeling completely exhausted, irritable and negative or cynical about your situation. This usually happens in response to constant, long term stress either at… Read More

Acupuncture to Reduce Smoking, Drinking and Other Cravings

November 27, 2018
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Do you have any habits or addictions in your life that you wish you could get rid of? Almost everybody has some sort of habit they struggle with. For some it’s stress-eating, nail biting or constant cell phone checking. For others it’s smoking, alcohol consumption or gambling. Feeling like you can’t control behaviours like these… Read More

Treating Depression Holistically

November 15, 2018
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

In 2012, 2.8 million Canadians reported having symptoms of mental health conditions like depression. With the coldest and darkest time of the year looming ahead of us, many are being impacted by seasonal affective disorder. However, millions of people experience mood disorders completely unrelated to the season. For some, these dips in mood may not… Read More