I’m skeptical of many cleanses. Typical detoxes or cleanses involve some kind of restrictive diet. Usually, for X amount of days you consume special juices, or restrict your diet to only a few specific foods. Often the claims are that you will lose weight and feel amazing after these cleanses. What ends up happening is that you don’t notice any long-term change in the way you feel. Any weight you lose often comes back as soon as you stop the cleanse.

I recently promoted a 3-week cleanse. However, my version of a “cleanse” is very different from what I described above. Below, I’ll explain why.


In the natural health world, the term “toxin” is a word used for many things. For me, it’s simply a term used to describe unwanted things in the body. A good cleanse should focus on helping the body reduce such things as much as it can. For example, clearing out estrogen if you’re estrogen dominant. Another example is reducing inflammation if you have a lot of it. A good cleanse should also focus on getting important foundations of health in place. This includes digestive health, liver health and nutrition. Perhaps a better term for a program like this would be a “reset” as opposed to a “cleanse”. Maybe this will be the new term for my cleanse program next time!


Our bodies have their own built-in detox systems. The liver, kidneys, lungs, gut, skin and more all work together to trap and eliminate toxins. Sometimes these organs could use a little help though. Sometimes your gut could use some help to do its job of eliminating waste better. Similarly, there are many natural treatments to help the liver better process toxins. Sometimes a helping hand can make a big difference.


My 3-week cleanse isn’t designed to be a quick fix – because that doesn’t exist. I like to think of it more like a great kick-starter for a healthier life. I pack a lot of important steps into 3 weeks, focusing on a different topic each week. The goal is to set the wheels in motion. It can have you feeling more energetic, less bloated, more mentally clear and excited about your health. It’s based on good logic rather than flashy fad ideas. I also like to focus most on diet and lifestyle and only use supplements where necessary. Here’s the breakdown:

1. First week: we go over some of the ways that liver health can be aided with foods, herbs or nutrients. I do this because the liver is an important organ that metabolizes hormones, sugars and unwanted compounds.

2. Second week: we go over how to optimize digestion because good digestion is so important for eliminating waste and feeling well.

3. Third week: we go over your diet in more detail and look for gaps in your nutrition that we can fill.

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