Your first instinct may be that as an ND I would put you on a strict diet filled with kale and green smoothies. In reality, I meet my patients where they’re at and build a plan that works for their lifestyle. Here are the ways I can help you lose weight.


I love meal planning. I spend a long time getting to know my patients’ most and least favourite foods. I find out how much (or how little) time they have for cooking. I make note of their cooking skills and supplies. I take note of whether they are cooking for others and how picky they may be. I determine what your set up at work is like and what your typical work/life schedule is. I even like to ask if there are a certain amount of days in a week that you need to eat out (e.g. for work). I take all this information to build you a highly customized meal plan that you can work towards. I’ll even include a grocery list and meal prep guide. My plans help patients lose 1-2 pounds per week.

If a rigid meal plan is not your thing then I work with you to tweak your existing diet in a way that will help you lose weight.


There are many health issues that can make it difficult to lose weight. These include:

– Hormonal issues like PCOS and hypothyroidism

– Problems with sleep, stress, anxiety and depression

– Issues with bowel movements, digestion and food intolerances

I use herbs, nutritional supplements, acupuncture and other remedies to address these and other issues. This in turn helps make the weight loss process easier.

Using such remedies, I can also address conditions that go hand in hand with being overweight. This includes diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


As I mentioned in a previous article, cravings and emotional eating can make it hard to stick to a healthy diet. A lot can be done for those who eat out of stress, guilt, boredom, sadness and cravings. I use many of the tools I mentioned above to address these obstacles to weight loss.

Helping patients lose weight is a passion of mine. If you are ready to get some help, book an appointment or free 15-minute consultation.

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