Animal Chiropractic: For Happy, Healthy Pets

A natural, non-invasive approach to your pet's health.

Animal chiropractic at Holland Landing Health Centre is a unique blend of healing and science. It involves gentle manipulations of your pet's skeletal system to restore balance, enhance movement, and improve overall health. It can aid in the treatment of various conditions, from arthritis to digestive issues, and can even boost performance in athletic pets. Trust us to provide your furry friends with the compassionate, expert care they deserve.

Animal Chiropractic

Believe it or not, our pets need chiropractors too! Here are some of the most common reasons to bring your pet to a chiropractor :

1. Aging
As our pets age we will see changes in their mobility and ability to participate in the activities they love. This could include difficulty chasing a ball, going up and down the stairs, walking on slippery floors, getting up from laying down and jumping up onto the bed. Although chiropractic cannot reverse the aging process, with regular adjustments we can ease their discomfort and help them to maintain as much function as possible. This improves their quality of life and helps them to continue enjoying life as they age.

2. Injury
Our pets are very active and just like us, can be a little bit injury prone. When our pet suffers an injury, we want to do everything we can to help them heal and get back to feeling their best. Animal chiropractic is a great way to help both assess and treat injuries in our pets and make sure that they are back in action as soon as possible. Of course some injuries will require a trip to the veterinarian, but we are happy to co-manage these problems with their primary care provider to insure a well-rounded treatment plan.

3. Performance and Athletes
If your pet is an athlete and involved in any high performance events, then chiropractic its strongly recommended. Regular chiropractic “tune-ups” help your athlete coordinate their movements so they can always compete at their best. In many events, the smallest details make the biggest difference, so making sure your pet is aligned and moving well is a great way to enhance their performance.

4. Wellness
An assessment with our chiropractor will help to pinpoint areas that may need some attention so that our pets can live their normal, active lifestyles. Regular chiropractic visits aid in the overall wellness of our pets and can improve their quality of life.

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