Cosmetic acupuncture is a great way to improve your skin by stimulating its own natural rejuvenation properties. If you’re into improving your skin without chemicals or aggressive treatments this therapy is for you.


Cosmetic acupuncture involves inserting tiny needles into acupuncture points and wrinkles. Most points are on the face, but some are on other parts of the body. It helps to increase circulation to the skin to give the skin that healthy glow and a more even tone. It appears to stimulate collagen production in skin to make wrinkles more shallow.

There are many muscles in the face. As we age, muscle tone in the face decreases and the skin becomes more slack leading to sagging and deeper lines. Cosmetic acupuncture can stimulate face muscles. This improves their tone for tighter looking skin.

It’s important to me that patients don’t feel misled by exaggerated claims. Cosmetic acupuncture may not make you look twenty years younger. It does, however, reduce the intensity of lines and other signs of aging. Patients are often happy with results. Before and after pictures can be easily found online.


As a naturopathic doctor, I’m trained in the principles of Asian medicine. Because of this, I combine cosmetic acupuncture with traditional acupuncture. Traditional acupuncture can improve many factors associated with skin health. It can stimulate the immune system, reduce stress levels, balance hormones, improve digestive health and more. Find out more about how traditional acupuncture works by clicking here.

I also like to maximize value by talking about other approaches to skin health during sessions. I will discuss diet, lifestyle, herbs and nutritional supplements. If you have other health goals let me know and we can discuss those during appointments as well.


The answer to this question varies greatly. Improved glow and more even skin tone is often noticed almost immediately.

People with younger skin (20s-40s) will see results faster than people with more mature skin (50+). Those with younger skin will likely see results within the first 5 weeks. More mature skin often starts to show results at the end of 5 weeks. Improvement will continue from there.

The amount of treatments I recommend depends on results. I recommend twice a week for the first 5 weeks as a baseline for everyone. After that I would discuss with you the option of reducing your treatments. We can reduce to once a week or even once a month depending on results. Eventually, you can just come in once in a while for maintenance or stop altogether.


If you call the clinic, we will be happy to discuss pricing with you. This therapy is part of the scope of a naturopathic doctor. This means it’s covered under your regular naturopathic medicine coverage.


Since many patients have been requesting this method of skin care, I’m excited to be able to provide it.

All you have to do to get started is call the clinic to book in. All sessions are 1-hour long. I highly recommend doing a free 15-minute consult before your first treatment day to discuss details.

If you are interested in naturopathic services please contact Holland Landing Health Centre at 905-853-7900 or via e-mail at



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