These days so many of us live hectic lifestyles. Stress and tension can build up as we deal with our responsibilities such as, looking after kids, battling rush hour commutes and dealing with work!

Before long the accumulation of our busyness can start to create upper back and neck pain, and eventually can even lead to headaches! Once we begin to suffer headaches on a regular basis, our motivation to keep up with our responsibilities, as well as look after ourselves by living an active, healthy lifestyle can drastically decrease.

Headaches that are derived from neck pain are called cervicogenic headaches. In a recent study (2018) researchers found that 18% of chronic headache sufferers have this type of headache. This means that your headaches are caused by something in your neck, such as tight muscles, poor posture, mobility issues, etc.

You may wonder if chiropractic can help and the good news is recent research has shown that it can help reduce these headaches! Not only did chiropractic treatments help reduce these headaches, but these improvements continued at the 1 year follow up!

At HLHC our chiropractors will provide an assessment and treatment plan, which could include muscle release therapy, mobilization/adjustments, acupuncture, exercise rehabilitation and preventative strategies!

Headaches should never become your norm, or something you just live with! Let’s help you gain control over your headaches, and get you back to living the active and healthy lifestyle you deserve!

Haas, Mitchell, et al. “Dose-response and efficacy of spinal manipulation for care of cervicogenic headache: a dual-center randomized controlled trial.” The Spine Journal 18.10 (2018): 1741-1754.

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