When seeking out care, it can be hard to know if a practitioner or program is right for you. Below I compiled a list to help you decide if the Naturopathic Anxiety Program is a good fit for you. Of course, this is not a complete list. I’ve been running the anxiety program for a while now and these are the most common reasons why my patients feel the program is right for them. You don’t need all the items in the list to join the program. Even if just one of the points below resonates with you, the program may be a good fit.

The program may be for you if:

–          You are experiencing anxiety and want to add to your existing treatment plan (even if that plan involves medications, counselling etc.)

–          You’ve tried different treatment options and are still unhappy with your current levels of anxiety

–          You are experiencing anxiety and want to work on it for the first time

–          You are working with your MD to come off your anxiety medications and want extra support while doing this

–          You are experiencing an uncomfortable level of stress even though you don’t have a diagnosed anxiety disorder

–          You want to discover how natural and wholistic approaches can impact your anxiety levels

–          You want one-on-one care with recommendations tailored to your unique circumstances

–          You’re overwhelmed by the natural treatment options that are available for anxiety and you want science-based recommendations from a qualified practitioner

–          You want a quality treatment plan that is not too overwhelming for where you are at in your life right now

–          You experience anxiety all the time or just sometimes

–          Your anxiety is impacting other areas of your health like your digestion, your period, your skin, your energy levels, your sleep etc.

If you have questions you want answered before deciding to do the program, book a free 15-minute consultation.  You can also read the frequently asked questions about the program by clicking here.

If you are interested in naturopathic services please contact Holland Landing Health Centre at 905-853-7900 or via e-mail at info@HLHC.ca



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