If you struggle with anxiety or depression, facing everyday tasks can become difficult. Simply getting out of bed to start your day can take a big effort when you’re dealing with either of these issues.

Working in mental health is one of my biggest passions as a naturopathic doctor. I’ve seen naturopathic medicine bring relief to many patients. I work with patients who have been newly diagnosed and those who have been suffering for decades. I work with patients who have not been prescribed medications and those who have. I’ve treated patients in all age groups – from pediatric to senior. I’ve seen a wide variety of cases and different levels of severity.

Treating anxiety and depression requires a multi-layered approach. It’s never about just one pill or one quick fix. These are the key building blocks I work on with my patients to treat their anxiety or depression:

– Good Nutrition: When you’re not feeling well, you may not be in the mood to prepare elaborate healthy meals. But that’s ok. I work with you to find ways to improve your diet as best as possible for you. That may mean very small changes or major diet overhauls – whatever you’re ready for. Getting proper nutrition is important for regulating your mood.

– Anxiety-Reducing and Mood-Boosting Habits: I help you plan how to fill your time with the lifestyle changes and habits shown in research to improve mental health.

– Biological Support: With chronic anxiety, the nervous system is often in overdrive and the body may need some help calming down. This is where gentle herbs and nutritional supplements come in. These tools can help give the body what it needs to lift your mood and reduce anxiety.

 Acupuncture: Acupuncture is an option many of my patients enjoy. Research has shown that acupuncture can improve anxiety and depression. It is believed to impact nervous system activity.

– Building Your Health Care Team: It’s useful to have a team of health care providers to treat your anxiety or depression. However, I know it can be overwhelming to find help on your own. I can assist in connecting you to the resources you may need.

Anxiety and depression can show up in so many different ways. They can lead to unhealthy habits like smoking and overeating. They can contribute to bowel issues and skin issues. They can throw hormones off balance and worsen pain and fatigue. Mental health affects the entire body and so getting help brings relief to both the mind and the body.

If you’re struggling with these issues, please don’t hesitate to seek out help. Ask all the questions you need at a free 15-minute consult with me or get started and book your first appointment.

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