Does it actually work?

Every patient responds differently but the majority of my patients with anxiety benefit from the program and are happy they did it.

Can I do the program if I’m on medication?

Yes. I’ve worked with patients who are taking medication for their anxiety, patients who were taking medication in the past, patients who are working with their MD to wean off medication and patients who do not require medication. I always make sure that I recommend remedies that do not interact with your medications.

Is this program beneficial for kids?

Yes. I’ve worked with many children who have anxiety. Most children are not open to acupuncture so in that case we can do acupressure or just have regular visits in which I will give my recommendations without doing any acupuncture.

Will I have to take a lot of supplements? Which supplements will I be taking?

If it’s relevant to your case, I may recommend nutritional or herbal supplements. If you prefer to not take supplements and focus more on diet and lifestyle, that’s perfectly fine. I don’t recommend that a patient be on more supplements than they are comfortable with or supplements that aren’t relevant to their case. The supplements that I will recommend will be individualized to your unique symptoms and health history.

Will we do any testing? How much does testing cost?

It depends on your case. I can offer blood work if a relevant test has not been done by your other health care providers or if you’re interested in having something relevant tested. Some insurance companies cover testing from naturopathic doctors in addition to covering appointments. Call your company to find out. The cost of testing varies depending on the test. I will always let you know the price before you pay for a test.

Can the program help with depression?

Acupuncture and some of the other diet, lifestyle and supplement strategies I recommend can also be helpful for depression.

I don’t officially have anxiety, but can the program help with general stress management?


What does each week involve?

Please CLICK HERE to read a breakdown of the topics covered in the program.

What if I can’t come every week for 8 weeks?

I’m happy to modify the program to suit your needs. If weekly appointment don’t work for you we can spread them out. Eight sessions is ideal but if you aren’t able to come for eight sessions we can condense the program.

What if I don’t want to do acupuncture?

In that case, we can just do weekly meetings that focus on the all the other strategies besides acupuncture that are part of the program.

Should I still do acupuncture for this program if I’m already doing it for pain?

The way I do acupuncture for anxiety is different from the way acupuncture is done for pain or injuries. It’s perfectly fine to do both types of acupuncture as they focus on different symptoms.

Do the needles hurt? Where do you put the needles? Is there anything in them?

You will feel some of the needles sometimes, but most patients agree that the needles are not very painful. Most of my patients enjoy their acupuncture sessions. Needles can be placed on the arms, legs, belly, back, face, scalp and/or ears depending on the patient. There is nothing in the needles.

Can I pay for the entire program at once?

Naturopathic doctors in Ontario cannot collect lump-sum payments. You can pay for each individual session when you come in for it. The rates for the program are the same as my rates for any other naturopathic visit. To learn more about my rates CLICK HERE.

How long are the visits?

The first visit is always an hour. For follow up visits I usually recommend hour long sessions because that way the acupuncture needles will be in for longer which I find leads to better results. If hour long visits do not work for your budget or schedule, half hour visits are an option.

I live far away, do I have to come in person for the visits?

I offer phone and Skype appointments to anyone living in Ontario. However, the first visit always needs to be in person because naturopathic doctors in Ontario are required to perform a physical exam on all new patients (taking blood pressure, heart rate etc.). After that first visit, the rest can be done via phone/Skype. Of course, this would mean we’re not going to be able to do the acupuncture component of the program.

Is this covered by insurance?

These visits are covered under your naturopathic medicine coverage. You can call your insurance company to ask if you have coverage for naturopathic medicine.

As always, if you still have more questions about the anxiety program, you’re welcome to set up a free 15-minute consultation to go over those questions.

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