Low back pain is extremely prevalent worldwide, effecting up to 80% of individuals during their life lifetime, and between 12-44% of individuals at any given point in time.

Seated desk work has recently been implicated as a major source of low back pain. With a staggering 75% of individuals (and increasing yearly) working in an office setting, it is crucial that we discover ways to prevent and improve the growing low back pain epidemic.

One way believed to prevent low back pain in office workers involves the use of stability balls instead of a typical office chair.

Unfortunately recent research has demonstrated that although the use of the stability ball promotes core endurance, it does not appear to have an effect on prevention or improvement of low back pain.

Given the results of this study, regardless of whether you use a typical office chair, stability ball or even a standing desk, we suggest employing regular, frequent movements (i.e. changing positions, going for a short walk, stretching the hips, etc).

The idea is to avoid ANY sustained postures which are more likely to lead to repetitive strain injuries. This coupled with an efficient core strengthening program is one of the best ways to improve and prevent the occurrence of low back pain.

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