By Dr. Kyla Nelson, DC & Acupuncture Provider

Pain is an incredibly unique experience that serves to protect you from potential dangers. Although unpleasant, it is a completely normal and necessary mechanism that we all need to experience from time to time. Given this, we thought we would share with you a few interesting pain facts from the book “Explain Pain” by David S. Butler and G. Lorimer Moseley!

  • You are not alone! Approximately 20% of people, all over the world, are experiencing pain right now, which has been ongoing for over 3 months!
  • Across the world we consume approximately 100 billion aspirin pills per year! Even more interesting is that the color and shape of a pill tablet plays a role in how well the medication works! For example, they have found that a transparent pill with coloured beads is more effective then a white square tablet.
  • Phantom limb pain is “the experience of pain in a body part that doesn’t exist”. This concept is interesting as it relates back to our “virtual body” or the map of our body we have in our brains. Approximately 70% of individuals who receive amputations experience this sensation. Not only this, but it’s been found that even babies born without a limb have reported phantom limbs. This suggests that our “virtual body” is mapped in our brain before we are even born!
  • Pain is an incredibly unique experience. Pain affects so many different areas of the brain (called “ignition nodes”). These nodes can create a wide range of different sensations, emotions, movements and memories. Each time an individual experiences pain, different combinations of these nodes can be effected, which helps create a different pain experience every time.
  • We have millions of “sensors” throughout our body that survey the body for danger signals (i.e. something that could cause us harm or pain). The life span of a sensor is only a few days, after which a new sensor replaces them. This is great news for individuals with chronic pain – as it suggests that individuals pain sensitivity is not fixed, hence your pain levels can change.

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Butler, David S., and G. Lorimer Moseley. Explain Pain 1st Edn. Noigroup Publications, 2003.



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