We are exposed to many hormone disruptors in our day to day life. This is something that scientists have been talking about for a while now. The commonly used name for these chemicals is “Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals” or EDCs. They include plastics used to line cans, coat store receipts and store food in, chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products, household cleaners and so on.

EDCs are an issue because they can lead to confusion in our hormonal systems. For example, chemicals that look and behave like estrogen can enter our bodies and trigger all kinds of responses that may not have happened from our own naturally occurring estrogen.

The impact that these chemicals have on reproductive issues and certain cancers is widely discussed. The impact on mental health is less known.

Some research shows that EDCs can affect brain function and may impact addictive behaviours and other behaviours in animals. Other research is showing that EDCs can impair memory, learning and focus. Because of this impact on the brain and nervous system, some scientists wonder if these chemicals can worsen anxiety and other mental health disorders. A lot more research needs to be done but many individuals are eager to take action now to reduce EDCs in their life.

It’s hard to avoid EDCs completely because many persist in our environment in our soil, water and air. That being said, there may be some simple things you can do at home to attempt to reduce your exposure. This includes reducing plastic containers, being cautious about the cosmetics, creams and soaps you use and swapping some common household cleaners for simple DIY ones you can make yourself out of kitchen ingredients.

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