Ginger is a common ingredient with a wide range of healing properties. Read on to learn more!


Ginger tea is a great remedy for preventing period cramps. I find that it only works if you start taking it at least one week before cramps start. Some people take it even earlier. Boiling fresh ginger slices in water for several minutes is stronger than using a tea bag.


This is ginger’s claim to fame. It’s especially well researched for motion sickness.


Ginger has antiviral properties. It’s an under-used treatment for helping you get over a cold faster. Ginger may even prevent colds and flu. It also helps cut through phlegm and congestion and eases sore throats. Traditionally, it was used to help reduce fever.


Pungent foods like ginger help to simulate appetite. It is particularly helpful with children since they often don’t mind the taste.


Ginger is considered a “prokinetic” for the digestive system. This means that it helps the bowels to push stool along. This can help with constipation, SIBO and other bowel issues.

Ginger is a great tool for many conditions. Some of these issues need more support than ginger alone. If you would like to talk to me about any of these concerns, feel free to book an appointment or free 15-minute consultation.

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