This is the fourth article in my historic herbs series.

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) is native to Europe and Asia. Now it grows in many places including North America. Historically, it was used for nervous and depressed people to calm the mind and boost the mood. It was also used for heart complaints. This included irregular heart beats, poor circulation and chest pain. It was often given to irritable and anxious people with troubles sleeping. Many of these symptoms are common in hyperthyroidism. It can be used to improve symptoms for hyperthyroid patients.

Motherwort appears to have blood pressure lowering properties. There is research showing that it can lower blood pressure by a significant amount. Results showed within a month of treatment.

It has another, female-specific use as well. Historically, motherwort was used for women who had late or no periods – especially if it was due to stress. It helps to stimulate periods.

The thing about motherwort is that sometimes it can take months for the calming effects to kick in. You need to be patient. However, the beauty of naturopathic medicine is that different treatments can be combined. This can produce stronger or faster effects. I find that blood pressure often improves with an individualized combination of treatments. The right herbs, diet/ nutrition, lifestyles changes and sometimes acupuncture can get results.

Like many herbs, motherwort may interfere with medications and certain health conditions. Always talk to a naturopathic doctor before trying new herbs. If you need help lowering your blood pressure, book an appointment or FREE 15-minute consult today.

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