When you’re feeling nervous and scared, you want to make use of as many tips and tricks as you can to feel more at peace. Simple tips that you can add into your day can make a surprising difference.

Lavender was historically used to help people fall asleep. People would put a few pieces of lavender under their pillow before bed in the hopes of having a better night’s rest. Lavender may also be helpful for reducing symptoms of anxiety. Aromatherapy using lavender essential oil is a super easy way to make use of this herb during times of stress and anxiousness.

Most of the research on lavender aromatherapy is in hospital settings. Small studies have found that it can help calm anxiety before operations, during labour or before medical tests. That being said, many patients find it useful in other anxiety-provoking situations like going into a meeting or during a tense day.

The nice thing about aromatherapy is that it’s easy to do and it’s relatively safe as there are fewer concerns about interactions with medications and health conditions (although you should always double check with your naturopathic doctor). You don’t even have to get an expensive diffuser. You can just put a few drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton ball and keep it near enough to you that you can smell it.

It’s one small thing that can be added into your life to bring you some inner calm. For a list of foods that can help reduce anxiety levels, click HERE.

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