I’ve gone through it. I know others who have gone through it. Many of my patients complain about it. That feeling of inexplicable irritability and anger. Snapping at your husband, kids or parents. Complaining about everything. Feeling jealous, stubborn and like you just want to argue against every idea or plan being sent your way. Life sure would be easier if you could get along with everyone…but you just don’t feel like it.

But then the guilt comes. You wish you could be a more pleasant mom, wife, daughter, friend, co-worker. You might feel like you’re “failing” in these roles. You wish you had more patience and that your home or work environment could be happier. It just feels so out of your control.

First, don’t beat yourself up. You’re only human and you have every right to experience all the emotions that come with being human. Second, some of your irritability may be totally justified. Some of it may be a sign that you need to work some things out with yourself emotionally. But some of it could also be a sign that something is off with your health. Often, hormonal imbalances can contribute to grumpiness. Common culprits are estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol and thyroid hormones. When these hormones are too high or too low you could end up feeling anxious, depressed or irritable.

I went through a period of extra irritability myself. It was not like me at all to feel so grumpy for no reason. Sure, I would get irritable from time to time like anyone else – but this was a whole different level. I hated feeling like this so I decided it was time to test my hormones and sure enough there were imbalances. When I put myself on a protocol to re-balance my hormones I felt amazing. I felt like myself again and my energy, mood and motivation skyrocketed (a crazy acne breakout also cleared up as an added bonus). I’ve seen this type of transformation in my patients as well when we committed to testing and treating their hormone imbalances. Sometimes the change is quick (like in my case) and sometimes it’s a gradual transition to brighter, happier days. Either way it’s worth it.

So if you feel like you’ve tried everything to calm your irritability and it’s not working, consider investing in your hormonal health. Get back to feeling like yourself and shining your light on everyone around you.

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