The weather is actually warming up now and with that brings the urge to get outside! Check out our top 5 ways to get your exercise in outside this summer!

  1. Join a walking or running group

Walking or running groups are a great way to ensure that you get your exercise in! Studies have shown that walking can improve your overall fitness levels, maintain healthy body fat, control blood pressure, as well as provide positive effects for depression and cardiovascular disease.

Get a group of friends together, research community groups or join a Running Room in your area and get out there!

  1. Gardening

Many people don’t realize how strenuous gardening can be! Not only are you bending, lifting and shovelling, but you can also easily spend a few hours out in your yard without realizing it. Studies have shown that gardening can improve overall quality of life and fitness levels, as well as mental well being.

  1. Check out a local recreational sport club 

Local sports clubs is a great way to exercise. Not only do sports such as softball, soccer or dragon boating yield positive effects on your overall fitness levels, but you’ll meet tons of new people and learn a new skill.

  1. Go to the park with the kids

Walk to the park with the kids. More and more parks are now adding in adult-friendly workout machines (i.e. ellipticals, steppers and pull up machines). Now you can work out while you watch your kids play!

  1. Try out swimming

Swimming is another great option for outdoor exercise. Whether you’re in a pool, lake or ocean, swimming has been shown to contribute to your overall fitness levels, control blood pressure and lead to a sense of accomplishment. It’s also a great option for those with degenerative changes in their knees and hips, as it’s easier on the joints then higher impact activities such as running!

With any new activity make sure you perform a proper warm-up, wear sunscreen and keep hydrated as the summer heat approaches!!

Dr. Kyla Nelson is currently a licensed chiropractor and acupuncture provider at Holland Landing Health Centre in East Gwillimbury, Ontario. If you have any questions about how to incorporate exercise into your outdoor activities give HLHC a call at 905-853-7900 or via e-mail at


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