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Spring into Fitness!

April 5, 2016
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

By Dr. Kyla Nelson, DC & Acupuncture Provider Once it (finally) starts warming up this spring, a great way to workout outside is by using a suspension trainer (i.e. the WOSS suspension trainer).   It’s a great way to incorporate both resistance and cardiovascular activity into an exercise session, while enjoying the outdoors.  Benefits of the… Read More

5 Tips for a Healthy Low Back

March 23, 2016
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

Low back pain is experienced by up to 85% of people in their lifetime. Here are a few quick tips to help prevent the onset of low back pain! 1. Exercise Over and over again research has shown that exercise is key for preventing low back pain. Whether you are a walker, jogger, yogi, etc., the… Read More

Running Series – Plantar Fasciitis

February 3, 2016
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

By Dr. Kyla Nelson, DC & Acupuncture Provider Today we will continue on discussing running injuries with Plantar Fasciitis. This condition is a common cause of heel pain among runners and walkers. The plantar fascia is a thick connective tissue that extends from your heel, over the sole of the foot, all the way to… Read More

Running Series – “Stress Fractures”

January 25, 2016
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

By Kyla Nelson, DC & Acupuncture Provider Running has long been a popular form of exercise. In recent years, participation in long distance marathons and ultra-marathons has continued to grow in popularity. Given this – it’s important to acknowledge the injury rate, which has been reported to be as high as 30-80% per year. Over… Read More

Thaw your Frozen Shoulder!

December 30, 2015
Categories: NewsTherapy

By Dr. Kyla Nelson Adhesive capsulitis, more commonly known as “frozen shoulder” is a painful shoulder condition in which shoulder mobility becomes severely restricted. This condition occurs when the shoulder capsule tightens around the ligaments and tendons in the shoulder. Risk Factors include: Diabetes (Type 1 or 2) Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism Female between 40-65 years… Read More

What is Self-Myofascial Release?

December 16, 2015
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

By Dr. Kyla Nelson Self-myofasical release (SMR) is a popular, emerging technique that is being prescribed by health practitioners, as well as fitness professionals. If you have been to the gym recently you have probably seen someone performing self-myofasical release without even knowing it. Myofascial therapy is a broad term for manual therapy that is… Read More

Fight Back Against Migraines

November 24, 2015
Categories: NewsTherapy

By Dr. Kyla Nelson Migraines can be a debilitating headache for many people. Migraine headaches have numerous potential triggers, which is why determining the best course of action can be difficult. Below are typical characteristics and triggers of a migraine, as well as steps you can take to improve or eliminate your migraine headaches. Characteristics… Read More

Injury Prevention in Running Sports

By Dr. Patrick Perta, D.C., R.M.T & Acupuncture Provider Running in sport creates a tremendous demand upon muscles, joints, and bones of the lower limb which may result in injury Common injuries of the lower extremities include: stress fractures, hamstring tendinopathy, patellofemoral syndrome, IT band friction syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and lateral ankle sprain… Read More

What is Shockwave Therapy?

October 5, 2015
Categories: NewsTherapy

By Dr. Kyla Nelson Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive, high intensity form of therapy. The process involves applying a mechanical pressure pulse to the injured tissue. Shockwave works by inducing micro trauma to the affected area, leading the body to begin tissue repair and regeneration. It’s a great modality for a wide range of chronic,… Read More