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Naturopathic Medicine

How Everyday Products Can Impact Your Hormones

July 26, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Many household products contain ingredients that have been shown to alter hormonal systems. These ingredients are called “endocrine disruptors”. Now, I have no intention to make you feel paranoid with this article. I would just like to provide some information for you to mull over. Maybe it’ll help you make some changes with the products… Read More

Household Healers: Castor Oil

July 18, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

This is the fourth article in my Household Healers series. The first blog post in this series was all about my favourite herb: chamomile. Today’s post will be about my second favourite herb – the castor oil plant – and its many healing properties. JOINT PAIN Castor oil has anti-inflammatory and pain blocking properties. Rubbing… Read More

How Can a Naturopath Help Me Lose Weight?

July 12, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Your first instinct may be that as an ND I would put you on a strict diet filled with kale and green smoothies. In reality, I meet my patients where they’re at and build a plan that works for their lifestyle. Here are the ways I can help you lose weight. MEAL PLANNING I love… Read More

Hair Loss After Childbirth

July 4, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Hair loss after delivering a baby is very common. It usually starts to happen 1 to 4 months after delivery. You can lose hair evenly over the scalp or just along the front and sides of the hairline. DON’T PANIC The amount of shedding can be shocking – especially the first time it happens. However,… Read More

Household Healers: Ginger

June 28, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Ginger is a common ingredient with a wide range of healing properties. Read on to learn more! MENSTRUAL CRAMPS Ginger tea is a great remedy for preventing period cramps. I find that it only works if you start taking it at least one week before cramps start. Some people take it even earlier. Boiling fresh… Read More

Naturopathic Approaches to Acne

June 20, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

There are many causes of acne. It can be related to hormones, diet and lifestyle, digestion, stress and much more. Treating acne usually involves both internal and external approaches. Today I’ll talk about some of the many ways a naturopath can help you get clear skin. MODIFYING DIET There was a point when researchers argued… Read More

My Promises to You

June 14, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

I PROMISE TO SPEND A LOT OF TIME ON YOUR CASE I promise to dedicate significant time to preparing a plan for your unique concerns. I will not simply choose treatments that are in fashion right now. I’ll scrutinize all options and tailor my plan to suit your situation. I PROMISE TO RELY ON HIGH… Read More

Household Healers: Oats

June 7, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Oats are another common ingredient that have a wide range of healing properties. Let’s get right to it – starting with the outside of the body. ITCHY SKIN AND RASHES If your parent or grandparent ever gave you an oatmeal bath to soothe your chickenpox, they were wise to do so. Oats have anti-itch and… Read More

Sleep 101

June 3, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

There are many ways to improve sleep through herbal medicine and supplements. Each plan I make is different depending on the patient’s case. Some patients need to balance cortisol levels. Some need to optimize the hormones and neurotransmitters involved in sleep. Some need to calm anxiety. Some need to address physical issues like restlessness and… Read More

Household Healers: Chamomile Tea

May 24, 2017
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

You probably already have it sitting around in your cupboard. You might as well learn about all the things it can treat. Trust me – sleep is not the only thing it helps with! These are some of the many ways I have found use for chamomile tea for both myself and patients. TUMMY ISSUES… Read More