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Naturopathic Medicine

Why I Became a Naturopathic Doctor

February 3, 2020
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I think it all started with reality TV. Weird right? But it’s true. I actually think the concept of holistic health was first introduced to me through makeover shows on TV that I would watch as a kid and teen. I especially liked the shows that worked on a full inside-out transformation. You know, the… Read More

Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

January 13, 2020
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

How is winter treating you? Many Canadians are not loving the dark mornings and early sunsets. For some, winter is a pain but it’s tolerable. For others, the season can really bring them down and they can’t seem to shake their winter blues. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a feeling of depression that happens consistently… Read More

Anti-Aging Foods for Your Skin

December 23, 2019
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

I’m going to take a detour from my usual posts about mental health and focus on another area that I work with: skin health. Since I do facial acupuncture regularly, I often get asked what foods can promote anti-aging. More and more people want to work on skin anti-aging from the inside in addition to… Read More

Vitamin B12: What You Should Know

November 29, 2019
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Having enough B12 can make a big difference in how well you feel. Here are some quick facts about vitamin B12 that you should know about. Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to your health. Best Dietary Sources Animal protein like fish and meat Dairy and eggs Fortified foods and drinks (e.g. some… Read More

8 Week Stress Release: With Dr. Samantha Dass, Naturopathic Doctor

November 13, 2019
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Are you experiencing high stress levels? An individualized, easily implemented protocol of herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, diet and/or lifestyle interventions may be able to help. Imagine a weekly escape to a relaxing acupuncture session. For the first part of the acupuncture session, I’ll guide you through building your natural stress management plan. The remainder… Read More

Can This Diet Help Your Anxiety?

November 4, 2019
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Treating anxiety is never a one-solution problem. But every useful strategy that we incorporate into a treatment plan can bring you one step closer to better managing your mental health. Diet is one strategy that is often overlooked in anxiety cases. Two studies published earlier this year explore how the Mediterranean diet impacts anxiety and… Read More

Facial Acupuncture for Pimples, Acne and Scarring

October 28, 2019
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

Facial acupuncture has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s something that I have incorporated into my practice because skin health can be a significant source of stress for people. One of the most popular conditions I treat with facial acupuncture is acne and acne discolouration scars (dark spots and red spots). I’ve seen facial… Read More

What is Inflammation?

September 23, 2019
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

I’ll often talk about inflammation when I’m working with patients. Many patients ask me what I mean when I say “inflammation”. The classic signs of inflammation are redness, swelling, heat and pain. When people think about inflammation, they think of a red, hot and swollen ankle from an injury or a painful and red finger… Read More

Your Overall Health Affects Your Mental Health

September 10, 2019
Categories: Naturopathic MedicineNews

In some ways it seems like common sense that our overall health affects our mental health. But when you break it down, it can seem bizarre. How does my blood sugar or my heart health affect my mental health? How does my gut health influence anxiety? How does inflammation impact depression? A large study published… Read More