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Massage & Fibromyalgia

October 23, 2017
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Fibromyalgia is defined by the Mayo Clinic as “a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues, such as anxiety.” Researchers believe that this chronic condition actually amplifies painful sensations because it affects the way a person’s brain processes pain signals. How does massage therapy help Fibromyalgia? In a… Read More

Sciatic Nerve Flossing for Low Back Pain

October 3, 2017
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

Nerve mobilization or “flossing” is an exercise used to tension or stretch peripheral nerves. It can be used for a variety of injuries, however today we will focus on flossing for low back and sciatic pain! The goal of nerve flossing is to improve nerve function by promoting blood flow and releasing tension on the… Read More

Migraine Prevention: Electroacupuncture

September 25, 2017
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

Migraine sufferers can attest to how debilitating their headaches can be. Typical characteristics (as described in a previous blog post) include the following: Recurrent, moderate-severe headaches: – Headaches lasting up to 4-72 hours – Throbbing pain located over one side of the head – Associated symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, light or noise sensitivity and/or… Read More

Low Back Pain and Stability Balls

September 5, 2017
Categories: Athletic Health CareNews

Low back pain is extremely prevalent worldwide, effecting up to 80% of individuals during their life lifetime, and between 12-44% of individuals at any given point in time. Seated desk work has recently been implicated as a major source of low back pain. With a staggering 75% of individuals (and increasing yearly) working in an… Read More

5 Facts About Sciatic Pain

July 17, 2017
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

Sciatic pain refers to pain in the distribution of the sciatic nerve, which has its roots originating in the lower back, and predominately travels into the buttock, down the back of the thigh, calf and into the foot. Sciatic pain is a symptom! Most commonly it is due to a lumbar disc bulge or disc… Read More

Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

July 11, 2017
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

Today, we are going to explore the relationship between the shoulders, ribs and upper back, to help explain how an upper back or rib adjustment can help with shoulder injuries! In a healthy and efficiently moving individual you will find the shoulder blade (or scapula) gliding over the ribs, which attach into the upper back… Read More

How Can Chiropractic Care Help You?

March 29, 2017
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

Each year, approximately 2 million individuals in Ontario depend on chiropractic care to help them live healthier and more active lives! Chiropractic is a primary health care profession that utilizes a hands-on therapeutic approach to care. At Holland Landing Health Centre the chiropractors will assess and diagnosis your condition, after which they will create a… Read More

6 Reasons You Need a Massage!

March 7, 2017
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

Registered massage therapy (RMT) involves hands-on treatment of muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joints of the body. Acting on the nervous, circulatory, and muscular systems, massage therapy optimizes health and improves physical dysfunctions. There are many health and wellness benefits that can be attributed to having regular treatments by a registered massage therapist. Those who put… Read More

What is Shockwave Therapy?

February 27, 2017
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

Shockwave therapy is an innovative and unique approach to chronic pain. The technology itself was originally invented to treat kidney stones, and it did so with great success. Since then the variety of ailments that Shockwave can assist in treating has grown vastly, and the technology behind the therapy continues to be some of the… Read More

What’s so Great About Squats?

January 24, 2017
Categories: Athletic Health CareNewsTherapy

Squats are easily one of our favourite exercises at Holland Landing Health Centre! They are a great full-body exercise that incorporates your gluteus, thigh and calf musculature, as well as core, upper limb and back musculature! Below find 3 of the reasons we love to prescribe squats to our patients! Squats are an extremely effective… Read More